Calling Mexico from the United States & Canada

Things can get tricky when making calls between countries. Follow this guide to avoid frustration.

Calls to a Mexican landline: 011 + 52 + phone number  
Calls to a Mexican Cellphone: 011 + 52 + 1 + phone number

Calling Mexico from the United States & Canada explained:

    • 011 - US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada
    • 52 - Country Code for Mexico
    • If the number you are dialing in Mexico is a cellphone, you must dial an additional 1 after dialing the country code.
    • Phone Number = Usually the normal 10 digit phone number, which includes the 3 digit area code, however in some areas the area code is only 2 digits.
  • Sample landline = 011 52 (123) 456-7890
    Sample cellphone = 011 52 1 (123) 456-7890

For a complete listing of all area codes in Mexico, click here.
For more information about international dialing, check out howtocallabroad.com
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