Give out of your need

From the Therapist’s desk-
Assignment 1 “Give out of your need”
If you were to walk in to my office the first assignment I would give you is to find someone who is going through a similar experience as yourself and help them out. Why would I give this assignment to a person dealing with depression? As humans, we have a condition called “navel gazing” also known as “me, me, me”. Focusing someone else completely goes against the temptation to place the magnifying glass on our own problems. I can not tell you how many times clients come back after completing this assignment and report feeling happier. It works because when we feel bad we don’t think we have much to offer but we do. Knowing that you took part in someone else’s peace and joy can motivate even a depressed person. It also helps you to see that you are not the only one experiencing these feelings. There will always be someone facing more struggles than ourselves. Give out of your need and you will be amazed how your needs will be minimized.