What will you choose?

The drive to Chiapas was amazing. One part of the trip involved driving in the state of Veracruz along the coast. We decided to stay the night in a hotel right on the beach. It was beautiful! At breakfast, I had to return to the room to get a sippy cup. On my way to the room, I noticed that the walls of the hotel had broken glass all along the top. It is a way to keep people from coming into private property. I thought to myself “that’s so sad that this beautiful hotel has to have that ugly glass” almost simultaneously, I looked down and noticed the most beautiful plants and flowers all along the same walls of the hotel. In that moment, I felt God speak to me about my life here in Mexico. Gently, I felt his spirit asking me what will I focus on? The ugly things or the beautiful things that Mexico has to offer.

One thought on “What will you choose?

  1. That is some deep perspective! Thankfully God has people like ya’ll there in Mexico, to make it a more beautiful place; by preparing it for the coming of His Kingdom.

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