Caleb starts school

We found a private preschool with a great teacher student ratio so we decided to enroll Caleb in it. His first day of school was thursday. He had fun but I cried, its the mommy thing to do right? Caleb understands some Spanish but he speaks mostly English. This has caused me some anxiety because the teachers only speak Spanish and I want my child to be understood. The good thing is children adapt easily at this age. In no time, I know he will be speaking Spanish. At times it feels like he is a little monkey at a zoo because everbody wants to see him. They call him
“el guerito” (the little white boy). Caleb of course loves the attention.

3 thoughts on “Caleb starts school

  1. What a great experience for him! Oh yes, I’m sure he’ll be fluent in Spanish very quick! I remember when my son went to Saudi for the first time when he was 2 1/2.. he came back speaking all Arabic and it took a week for me to get one English word out of him! Kids are amazing!

  2. He looks like such a BIG MAN!! Oh girl I will cry too. Bella started Ballet-she is so cute in her leotard and tights!!:) They are getting too big-lets plot to keep them little…if you figure it out, let me know. LOL!

  3. Hi Caleb, My name is David. I heard you had your birthday!!! Did you have balloons and a cake?! Do you have already friends?! i hope you will find soon nice friends to play with and I hope you will feel at home in you new home!!!! I heard you are going to school already. Well you are already a very big boy. I am just two so I stay at home with my mom and sissy. Give a kiss to your little brother from me.
    Love David:)

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