Do you want a mop or a stove?

Several weeks ago the women at the church had a “pounding for me” so what exactly is a pounding? It’s a Texan tradition of bringing a newcomer a pound (here actually a kilo) of this and that to get them started in their new place. I was amazed at their generosity. They truly believe that it’s better to give than to receive. A sister from the church who was unable to make it called us and asked what we needed. My husband asked me and I without thinking said “maybe a mop”. The sister stated “no, I would like to bless you with a refrigerator or stove”. I laughed at my expectation. Today we went and got my stove. On the way back , I was thinking how often we come to God with a faithless request. We all have needs and most of us know that we can pray to God to meet those needs but where we fail is that we expect a mop when he wants to give us so much more. He my friend is a God that ownes the cattle on a thousand hills. He is a good God who promises to suply all of our needs according to his riches in Glory.

2 thoughts on “Do you want a mop or a stove?

  1. Hi ivonne,
    I was just thinking of you guys and I checked if you had some more news how you guys are doing. Do you know that Hannah started to walk to on thanksgiving day!!! She just all the sudden stood up and walked a lot of steps. Now she tries to keep up with david. Every time she arrives than David leaves again. And she follows me everywhere through the house. Since a few month she is talking too. David is talking since short with sentences. It is so fun this age. I am gald for your blessing. David watches every week one Dutch show and he understand now dutch and start speaking from just that one show. Caleb will adjust fast. Little kids are amazing. But I will keep you in prayer I can understand how you feel. I wish you all a very blessed Christmas!1
    Lots of love the McPeek Family

  2. Hi Ivonne and Ron,

    Miss you all this all so glad to see both and the boys they are so cute. I love all the pictures your mom Carrie sends me. Let me know when you might be coming to the states, I will try to see\hope to see you all. Love the stories (smiles) sorry about your hard times will be praying for you all. Always rememeber out of bad times comes good times. You both are speical people I’m glad you found each other thank the Lord for that. I pray for you all daily and now my church is praying also. Keep on working for the Lord and the blessing will be pored out on you both and the boys too. Oh, yes we have poundings here in the mountains too. love the stories keep them coming.

    The story about he little boy who didn’t know how old he was touched my heart I asked the church to pray for him. They still are praying for him and you all. Next time Ivonne ask for what you really need the most no matter what it is just claim it in Jesus Name. You have been faithful the Lord will honor you. Love you all

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