Carmita’s “new princess smile”

The "Princess smile"
Three years ago Carmita, along with her sister Romelia, came to live with Bill and Tammy here at the orphanage. She had gotten beaten all night long by her drunken father. Through much prayer and love many of her  scars have disappeared however everytime she smiled we were reminded of the physical abuse she experienced because her father had left  her with two broken front teeth.  A dentist heard about Carmita’s story and decided to do the work for free, only charging us $400 pesos (apprx. 40 dollars) for materials. Tonight Ron and I had the privilige to be there when Carmita’s front teeth got fixed. The moment is one that I wish I could have shared with many of you. As I started taking pictures tears started rolling down my face and I noticed that the dentist was also crying. Carmita now says that she got her “Princess smile”.
Carmita with Dr. Monica

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story Ivonne. Its very uplifting to see so much joy in Carmita’s face. Hope you’re doing well. I missed getting to complete our conversation the other day, those cell phone batteries just don’t last long enough sometimes 🙂 I hope we can talk again soon.

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