The Next Chapter

It was one of the most painful days of my life. I had been dreading Sunday, September 4th 2011 for weeks. After serving here as a missionary on the coast for nearly six years with The Lighthouse of Hope (three while I was single and three more with my family), we were saying goodbye to our church family here in Arriaga, Chiapas Mexico.

Ivonne and I were happily married, had a nice home, good paying jobs, and 2 beautiful boys when the Lord originally touched our hearts to move to southern Mexico. In the natural it seemed crazy. We were comfortable and we knew it would take a small list of miracles in order to happen. But where God guides He also provides. In spite of the poor economy and the multitude of houses on the market in our area, God told Ivonne that we would sell our home without a realtor (or paid advertising) and we did. The third couple to inquire about the house bought it!! We arrrived in Arriaga October 19, 2008 debt free and ready for a new life serving the people of Chiapas.

It has been wonderful to be a part of the work here in Arriaga. In the last three years we have seen the church where we serve (pastored by Bill and Tammy Woods) grow, and the youth group we lead has doubled in size. We have developed many great friendships and a real sense of family with the people here. Yet, several months ago we started hearing a small voice once again saying, “Go”.

We will be in the States for a few months. In early December our plan is to begin raising up a new work in the area of Comitan, Chiapas (about 4 hrs. from our current location). We will greatly miss being with the people here in Arriaga but we are excited about what is coming next. God has already opened doors for us to immediately start working with two indigenous groups the Tzetal and Tojolabal. Just like the first time we again have a long list of needs/miracles, but we are confident in the Lord’s faithfulness, and grateful for your financial support and prayers. We rejoice in faith over what God will do. Ready to share testimonies of his healing power and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Thank you for opening this new chapter with us. Together we shall see the Lord glorified among the nations.

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