Worth the Risk

Our truck before we crossed the border
Our truck before we crossed the border October 17th, 2008

I stood watching, with my 1 yr. old on my hip and my 2 yr. old hanging on my leg, as my favorite couch was carried out my front door. God had called us to Chiapas Mexico therefore we sold our house and one by one nearly everything we owned was sold or given away. Some items were easily discarded but others were painful to release (like our first bed which we purchased sacrificially). Life was really good at the time we decided to take the leap of faith to pursue fulltime missions work. We were comfortable and in the natural the decision to make such a financially unstable move for our family felt crazy (and some even let us know just how crazy they thought we were). We had many concerns, among them was the overwhelming question, “What if we fail?”. Failure would mean moving back to the US, starting over, perhaps living with family or friends until we could get new jobs, etc. We knew it was a huge risk, yet it felt so right… and we decided the possibility of fulfilling the dream was worth the risk.

       I truly believe Life=Risk. If you have never experienced failure, you are probably not really living. We all have dreams. Yet many will pass from this life without ever seeing their desires accomplished because fear of failure can be a very intimidating mountain to climb. I want to encourage you to go after your dreams. Don’t let fear stop you from realizing your full potential. True, you may fail… but maybe you will succeed. You will never know unless you try.

Our boys packed tightly into our truck Oct 2008
Our boys packed tightly into our truck Oct 2008 -- none of us had any idea how much our lives were about to change


A short motivational video about famous failures and the importance of taking risks.