Where is your testimony list?

“We really need to start putting at least $5,000 pesos away every month so we can pay for the delivery of the new baby ,” Ron said to me as we were driving away from the doctor’s office.

“That’s a lot of extra money to come up with,” I responded.

We needed to run some errands afterwards and as we drove around the city I remembered that it was during these dates last year we were desperately looking for a house. We were installed in a hotel and had three days to find a house. The first day nothing, the second day I fell in love with a house but it was way out of our budget. The owners still wanted us to come meet with them. I spent a lot of my time praying the night before. They met us and all they could say was “we feel good about you all”, they liked us and dropped the price. I was ecstatic! I knew it was God opening the door to our house.

Why do I share these little stories with you all? Because I do hope it encourages you but more than anything it is good for me to remember. You see right now we have a lot of needs, a new family car, bunk beds for our teams, money to pay for my delivery and the list goes on.

The tendency is to allow worry to come in when we are faced with our “needs” list but often what we need is to get out our “testimony” list to remember all of those times God has been faithful.

During our Christmas party someone handed Ron a Christmas card. Inside the card we found $5,000 pesos. Only God knew of the conversation my husband and I had in the car a few days before. God provides for his children. To HIM be ALL the glory!