Happy 5 Years on the Field!

Happy 5 Years on the Field!

“We need to sell it now because the time is nearing for us to move to Mexico” Ron said, “I know! and God won’t let us down, we will sell it without a realtor just like He said” I replied.

Mouser family photo - Sept 2013
Mouser family photo – Sept 2013

It was June 2008, and our plans were to be moving to Chiapas by September. We needed to sell our home. One day during my prayer time I heard the Lord tell me that we were not to use a realtor and just to trust him. Ron felt good about it too and simply put a small sign on our yard. The days turned to months and no one came to see the house. It was Summer and we were aware it is the time most people buy. Ron and I started having some serious conversations about the next step. I started doubting, maybe I did not hear God, maybe it was just my wishful thinking. Ron made the decision to contact a realtor. She came over on a Saturday night and we made a good plan. We were all ready to sign but she had left a very important document at home. She explained that we could still sign and as soon as she could she would fax it to us. Ron and I immediately felt that we were not to sign. We apologized to her for making the hour drive to our house. Even though I had no idea how our house was going to sell, I had so much peace. The next day a couple knocked on our door asking about our house. They spent about an hour looking at the house and talking to us. They asked if they could come over the next day because they were very interested. The next day they asked a few more questions and told us they wanted to buy it. They told us the reason they had decided to buy our home was because we did not have a Realtor. They wanted to buy the house without a third party being involved. The timing was perfect. I can’t believe it was five years ago that this story took place.

Has God spoken to you about a situation? Have you allowed fear to drown out His voice? Even if you don’t yet see it, trust Him. He will do it!

Today we are celebrating 5 years on the mission field and they have been fun, wild and full of God! Thanks to all of you faithful supporters who have stood with us. We appreciate you!!