Back to Bible Schools…

Back to Bible Schools…

Mateo grew up in a village in southern Mexico where the majority of his friends and neighbors live off the land and primarily use the barter system to survive. Like most of the other villagers, he only attended elementary school a few years due to the heavy burden it would have placed on his family to study longer. Mateo is a believer serving in a local church. He desires to be better equipped to serve his community but he doesn’t have the finances or freedom to do so.

We are currently offering free Bible classes on site in two villages like Mateo’s. Our interactive courses challenge students to increase their vision and encourage personal character development which leads to community transformation. The flexible class schedule is designed to allow students to study and work without being separated from their families.

By God’s grace and your continued support, we are hoping to expand to four schools in the coming months.

Points for Prayer:

  • We are training a new missionary family! Please pray for wisdom as we train this great couple.
  • We just finished the yearly True Love Waits conference and ceremony last Sunday. We are proud to be a part of this yearly project. Pray the students keep their commitments.
  • Ongoing ministry training with local COG mission leaders.
  • Ongoing classes with both schools.
  • Thieves broke into our house while were traveling during Christmas. We are fine but we still haven’t repaired all the damage.
  • Wisdom regarding the opening of two new schools.
  • My continual car problems with our Honda Pilot.

Thank you for walking with us on this journey!

           — Ron, Ivonne & the Mouser kids