Wedding Bells and Suffering

Last night this beautiful girl got married 👰🏻

We met Gabriela Salas when she was 15. She was part of our youth group on the coast and a student in our missions school. Even after we moved away, she always stayed closed to us.
We love her so much. It was an honor to participate in her wedding.

Even though it was only 10 days after his surgery, Ron translated the ceremony and said the final prayer. He was in alot of pain, but it was worth the sacrifice.

Michael Warner, you got yourself an awesome girl!

Congrats and may God always bless this beautiful union. ❤️ #Warners2018

The beautiful wedding of Gabriela Salas & Michael Warner.
The Warners & the Mousers.



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  1. Beautiful…beautiful picture. Everyone looks very happy, content and joyous. I love weddings…. Yvonne you still look the same, just beautiful along with your husband and your 2 boys. God Bless your family along with the happy newlyweds.

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