Thus far has the Lord helped us…

October 19th, 2009 marked our one year aniversary as missionaries with El Faro de Esperanza in Arriaga, Chiapas MEXICO. On Sunday my wife testified in the service of God´s faithfulness to take care of us thus far. Listening to her recount the miracles of our Father´s financial provision, divine health and protection reminded me of a passage in 1 Samuel 7:12. After a miraculous victory in battle, the prophet took a large stone and erected it in that place to serve as a reminder of the event saying,

“Thus far has the Lord helped us.”

While circumstances, emotions and our economy may seem to be under constant fluctuation God´s character and faithfulness are unchanging. We do well to remind our minds and hearts on a continual basis of the past victories and miraculous interventions of the Lord on our behalf.

And to that end I began a photo-blogsite —

The Life Missions Photo Gallery @

as a visual reminder of how far the Lord has taken my family and this ministry. From a small bible study to a thriving church, from desires to care for children to a functioning orphanage and the beginning stages of an orphan village.

We will be adding content on a regular basis so check back often.