Home for the Holidays

     After being on the missions field for 13 months we decided to come home to visit. It took us 3 days to get out of Mexico. We are so proud of our boys for being awesome travel troopers. It was a nice time to bond with them by singing, reading books, watching movies and eating junk food together in the car. We arrived just in time to be with my parents in Houston for Thanksgiving. Our hearts are filled with so many things to be thankful for this year. Personally, it has been so nice to see my family and friends. We look forward to traveling further North to be with other friends and family. With all the cold weather, it feels like we have left the oven in Arriaga and got thrown into the freezer.

     Our hearts desire is to report what is going on in Arriaga and after hearing our stories, for everyone to be able to say “God is good!”  with us. We are currently in Stillwater, Oklahoma and will be sharing in New Covenant Fellowship church tomorrow.  The church has an awesome apartment that they have kindly let us use and it has been a nice place to rest. Next Sunday we will be sharing in two churches near Tulsa and then we head to Missouri where we will be ministering in Uncle Terry’s church, Covenant Christian Center.

Caleb yesterday stated that he was ready to go back to Mexico and when we asked him why, he responded that he missed his dog and his friends from El Faro (the orphanage).  Although, I’m not ready to go back to Mexico yet, I do miss our family in Arriaga immensely. We will miss seeing 20 children open gifts and all the excitement that goes with it this Christmas.  We hope that snow awaits us in Virginia where we will be spending Christmas with my inlaws.