A New Beginning

Moving day
Loading the truck for Comitan.

Pheww…after loading a mango truck and the new van with our belongings, cleaning out the rental house in Arriaga, and three trips to Comitán, we are finally moved into our new house. It was a lot of work but the Lord was with us and the entire process went very smoothly.

When we returned from the US in December we still had no idea where we were going to live. We only had time for one short trip to the area before Christmas and, praise God, He led us straight where He wanted us. On our third morning in Comitán we signed the lease for our new home. The listed rental price for the house was well outside our budget but as I talked to the owner (who is not a Christian) she said, “Two other individuals offered me the full rental price but I feel that God wants you to live here” so she dropped the asking price by one third. After that everything moved very quickly. A brother from the church let us borrow his brand new truck, along with a driver and an assistant to help with the move. He paid for all their expenses and adamantly refused any reimbursement. It was a tremendous blessing.

Some guys from the youth group traveled with us to Comitan to help with the move.

We have been in Comitán a little over a month now. Most of that time was spent getting out of boxes and entertaining visitors (we also took a few days off to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s and Caleb’s birthday). With our house somewhat in order, we are ready to do what we came here to do, “Make Disciples”. Ronnie has a few ongoing projects in various indian villages that will be the subject of future posts. However, we believe our main focus in the future will be ministry here in the city. We are making new friends here in Comitán but we greatly miss our church family in Arriaga and have been truly blessed by those who have already made the effort to visit us. And for anyone else interested in visiting I have added a new page to our website providing more in depth information about the area where we live.

Just click the link to learn more About Chiapas

Our boys finally have a yard to play in.
Eduardo & Malena's visit
Our little visitors from Arriaga
Spreading Christmas cheer
The road from Tapachula to Comitan
The road from Tapachula to Comitan is beautiful. See the new ABOUT CHIAPAS page for more pics and info.

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