Our first US visitor

At the lookout over Comitán, Chiapas Mexico
At the lookout over Comitán, Chiapas Mexico with Chris Briles, WIM's Director of Operations

When the Lord began stirring our hearts to raise up a new work on the other side of Mexico, we felt the need to join an organization that would provide a high level of accountability both spiritually and financially while also allowing us to become part of a global network. In response to that need we joined World Indigenous Missions (WIM) in October 2011. It was a great decision. Not only did they provide what we were looking for in an organization, they are also now handling our stateside office admin duties and receiving our donations (as many of you reading this already know).

In early February we received a visit from Chris Briles, WIM’s Director of Operations. Chris had been a missionary in Veracruz, Mexico for nine years during which time he built and operated a large youth center in Altatonga, Veracruz. Ron and I both have a huge passion for reaching youth so we spent hours picking his brain. We had a great time praying together for the city and seeking the Lord’s direction.

Personally, for me his visit was a blessing because he helped Ron cover my “open air” laundry area. Gone are the days of waiting for the rain to stop so I can wash my clothes. It was a short visit but we were very encouraged. We are grateful to Chris for taking the time to visit and to WIM for making us part of the family.