How do you get from called to working in country?
We have put together a series of short videos to explain our process to mobilize and equip missionary workers.

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Orientation & Training Week

Your launching pad into world missions.
Our program, drawn from decades of experience, is packed with valuable information to help you step out and fulfill your calling.

Our first US visitor

When the Lord began stirring our hearts to raise up a new work on the other side of Mexico, we felt the need to join an organization that would provide a high level of accountability both spiritually and financially while also allowing us to become part of a global network.…

A New Beginning

Pheww...after loading a mango truck and the new van with our belongings, cleaning out the rental house in Arriaga, and three trips to Comitán, we are finally moved into our new house. It was a lot of work but the Lord was with us and the entire process went very…

The Next Chapter

It was one of the most painful days of my life. I had been dreading Sunday, September 4th 2011 for weeks. After serving here as a missionary on the coast for nearly six years with The Lighthouse of Hope (three while I was single and three more with my family),…

Mousers Stateside

We came home for a month to rest, visit family, enjoy good times with friends and share about what God is doing in Chiapas. So far on the trip, we have stayed the night in 7 homes, visited 4 churches, had dinner with 14 families, driven 1,200 miles and stopped at 8 different McDonalds.…

No Free Ride

No Free RideHere, on Mexico’s southern border, the debate over illegal immigration is impossible to ignore. Check out this article on our website... LifeMissionsMexico.com - "No free ride"Immigrants headed for the USASometimes hundreds of people can be seen boarding the trains.