How do you get from called to working in country?
We have put together a series of short videos to explain our process to mobilize and equip missionary workers.

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Orientation & Training Week

Your launching pad into world missions.
Our program, drawn from decades of experience, is packed with valuable information to help you step out and fulfill your calling.

Meet the Becks

We have been given the privilege of training another WIM missionary couple! After completing nearly a year of language studies in Oaxaca, David and Lily Beck moved down to Chiapas, with their three kids, to enter the internship phase of their training here with us.  David will be teaching courses…

New Beginnings

It was great seeing many of you while we were in the USA this summer. Although the visits were brief we were very blessed. Returning to Chiapas, it didn’t take long for our ministry calendar to fill up again… but we have made some changes. Ivonne has joined my group…